Felisatti RF62/2200 3-1/4 HP Router

Product # : RF62/2200
Name : Felisatti RF62/2200 3-1/4 HP Router
Description : The Felisatti RF62/2200 features a powerful 15 amp motor and improved, ergonomically designed handles.

• The electronic variable speed control maintains constant speed and power under load for the best cuts in every application.
• An electronic soft-start offers better control from start to finish.
• The large micro-adjustment knob simplifies precision bit settings - even when mounted under a router table. Also features a quick-release depth stop and a 3-position depth-stop turret for convenient, hassle-free cutting depth adjustment.
• 5 Years Warranty
• Made in Spain
Price : 339.00$
Special : 299.00$

Instruction(s) :

RF62/2200 Manual

RF62/2200 Part Manual

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